Code of Conduct for Students:

Ø Students must wear their identity cards in the college campus.

Ø All Students must reach the college on time and attend their classes regularly during the Semester.

Ø Students should not sit and roam around in the corridors without any reason.

Ø Students should see the Notice Board for the important notifications.

Ø Use of Mobile phones is strictly banned in the class room, laboratories and in corridors. They must keep their phones in the vibrating mode during classes.

Ø Students should not harm the property of the college; otherwise a strict action will be taken against the guilty.

Ø Students should not carry intoxicant such as Tobacco, Gutkha, or Drugs in the campus and also, Consumption of Liquor is prohibited in the college.

Ø Students should not allowed to hold any meeting among themselves, with a person from outside, or with any organization without the prior permission from the Principal

Ø Students should keep the campus neat and clean.

Ø Students should park the vehicles in the parking area and are not allowed to drive their vehicles inside the campus.

Ø Students should not involve themselves in any antisocial or indiscipline activity such as fighting, ragging, teasing etc.

Ø Students must apply for the leave duly signed by the Head of Department before going out of station or for any other reason.

Ø Students are advised to visit the library regularly and wear I-Card.

Ø Students should participate in the extracurricular activities.