Historical Persepective:

The Haryana State Government has started Govt. College Chhachhrauli few years ago and is situated 11 km north-east from Jagadhari. Chachhraulli is often known as "Cherapunjii of Haryana" as it receives the most rain in the whole of Haryana and Punjab. The origin of word Chhachhrauli is believed to be "Sat Sherawali" due to a temple located near bus terminus. Before independence in 1947, it was the capital of the princely state of Kalsia State created by Jat king Gurbaksh Singh in 1763, and had two Tehsils outside Chhachhrauli, namely Dera Basi (near Chandigarh) and Kalsia (near Amritsar). Kalsia State was one of the eight states in Punjab which formed PEPSU after Independence in 1947. Later, it was merged with Punjab and, in 1966, with Haryana.