Code of Conduct for Faculty

Ø The teacher must reach to the college 10 mins. before the commencement of college timing.
Ø   They should prepare their lecture and lesson plan for the subject allotted to them.
Ø They must ensure about the completion of the course in the stipulated time.
Ø They should get the feedback from the students and are advised to act on it
Ø They should not involve themselves in any unethical practice such as biasing in assessment, discrimination in terms of caste, social and economical aspects.
Ø Every teacher should encourage and motivate the weaker students by giving them extra timings or personal attentions.
Ø The teacher should use modern teaching learning methodologies such as use of ICT, Projectors or any other audio visual aids etc.
Ø In laboratories, the teacher should prepare themselves in advance before demonstrating the practical to the students.
Ø Teachers should ensure about the assignment given to the students and return them on time.
Ø Teachers should conduct class tests on its own end in order to ensure the quality education.
Ø Apart from teaching, the teachers should perform duties in extracurricular activities or any task assigned at the department/college level.
Ø In order to upgrade the skills/knowledge in the respective area/domain, every teacher is required to attend the Workshops/Seminars/ Conferences with prior permission from the college authority.
Ø Teachers are advised not to hurt the dignity of the colleague, students and any of the staff members in any aspect.
Ø The teacher being the role model for the students should guide /encourage the students and help them to attain the moral and ethical values in the life.
Ø The teacher must help the students to explore the hidden traits, capabilities by giving their personal attention.